The Albion
The Albion, Islington, London, UK , Version II

The Albion

The Albion in Islington

At the end of 2020 I was finishing a painting of a local pub called The Albion. This is in Thornhill Rd, Islington, London. Near Christmas Time someone came to my studio and reserved the painting which was bought and collected in January 2021.

A Loved Local Pub

 A couple of months after a couple came to my studio and they commissioned a painting of the Albion also. This time they request it in a biggest format. The couple live close to the building and love this iconic pub. In fact as you can see in the painting is a venue with a beautiful front garden an all the greenery of the wisteria climbing by the front walls keep the place fresh and alive especially in summer times.

The Albion, Islington, London, UK, Version I

A bit of History

 ” The Albion is a Georgian gem left over from a time when Islington was fields and farmland and where the regulars would take afternoon walks out of the city to visit us” (1).

(1) Note from The Albion website :

Francisco Adolfo

I am Francisco a painter based in Islington, London . I was trained in architecture and used to work in this area until 2019. Currently hundred per cent dedicated to my paintings which are my passion. As a former architect I love buildings, cityscapes, parks and nature landscapes. For years I have been working on a collection of watercolours of pubs of London which are my stars through my customers. I want to do at lest one hundred of these paintings with pubs. Currently I am over fifty done. So if you love paintings and pubs, keep in touch.

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