Paintings and memories
Olivia's hands I

Paintings and memories

Memories of a loved one

I think and I experienced that doing a painting of something that keep your loved ones very present when they are not here any more is so helpful. In some cases could be a portrait or anything else like a place or a moment of our lives. . .

A kind of therapy, meditation and reflection

For me it was very helpful to paint things and moments which keep me connected with my loved daughter. This was time for meditate and reflecting about myself and life, in fact bring me to life again in deep and darks days. 

Olivia's hands II

Francisco Adolfo

I am Francisco a painter based in Islington, London . I was trained in architecture and used to work in this area until 2019. Currently hundred per cent dedicated to my paintings which are my passion. As a former architect I love buildings, cityscapes, parks and nature landscapes. For years I have been working on a collection of watercolours of pubs of London which are my stars through my customers. I want to do at lest one hundred of these paintings with pubs. Currently I am over fifty done. So if you love paintings and pubs, keep in touch.

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